Friday, January 2, 2009

Our 2008 in review: January - March...

These are just a few memories; obviously, much more was going on. I am looking back at both blog posts and my planning notebook to hit some highlights on this 9th Day of Christmas. Today, in a couple of hours, we are giving Dad a total vacation day as I meet my friend Amy and her children for a movie. In January, we were loving acrostic poetry and Jan Brett books (also, the book The Big Snow, which may already be packed and ready to go to Cumming....). I went to a TORCH MNO (Mother's Night Out) and was very inspired to hear a glimpse of the Caprara's prayer life and homeschool journey. I was thinking alot about schole -- that leisure and culture are intertwined, that some form of unschooling is utterly compatible with Catholicism. It was a lovely snow on JB's birthday. I had just met my dear friend Sandra, went to see dear Regans in CYT's Charlie Brown, Rach and I were continuing weekly play dates/coffee talk, 1st time to see TORCH Talent Show, was doing CRHP, taking lots of music lessons (M in both clarinet and guitar). In February, JB got a terrible case of the flu. J, JB and I began Latin studies. Lent began so early on the 6th. We were notebooking and house cleaning-- having an especially good time with Latin studies. Lots of good work with Challenge. J's b-day and grandparents visit and M goes on Middle School Youth Group retreat. M was reading lots of Rachel Ray and cooking alot. In March, we continued our Monday Adoration, music lessons, Challenge, TORCH, dinner with Mercados, and girls both went to Challenge Holy Week convention. Easter was in March, and it was a very chilly month here.

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