Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snow in Georgia and Happy 10th Birthday!

Maggie attends a Catholic girls' club up in Cumming, Georgia, once a week on Wednesdays. This week, Jay and I were waiting in the van for Mags and some friends. I mentioned to my son that the sky sure looked like a "snowy sky". He will turn 7 next month and has never played in the snow. Sure enough, as we drove some of the girls home, we saw a flurry or two. Steadily, the snow increased. As the sun set, we went out on the deck with the dogs and stuck our tongues out and looked up as the sky was pouring flakes of various shapes and sizes down upon our happy, chilly faces.

We ate some cheese and crackers, and it kept coming down. Beautiful! The children piled on hats and gloves, had a snowball fight and built two snowmen (we even had carrots for the noses!).

Then, joy upon joy, it snowed again yesterday on Joy-Beth's 10th birthday. Thank you, Lord. I had seen Jay making snow angels and building snowmen for the first time in his life. Since Joy-Beth entered the "land of the double digits" on the 19th, her father and I allowed her to invite 9 girls (including her sister) for a not-so-much-slumber party. We marvelled at the fact that it had never snowed on her birthday. Snow is so rare in Georgia. We go years in a row only seeing an occasional flurry; and, here in the course of a week, we had two snows with enough snow cover for sledding and snowmen.

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Rachel R. said...

We, too, have been loving the snow. I love that the cold has remained so that alot of the snow is still around. I love driving around and seeing it dotting the townscape.

Tell Joy-Beth that we love and adore her and we hope she had a wonderful birthday. I was commenting to the kids that Daniel D. and Joy-Beth both got snow as a birthday present. How cool!

Let's get together this week. I need Sara Time.

Love you!