Monday, January 21, 2008

Jewett's Maine and "Why do you read blogs?"

Far too many days have passed without my taking a little afternoon siesta, so, with my husband home from work today, I indulged in some reading in bed and then a big afternoon siesta. Sarah Orne Jewett's Country of the Pointed Firs does just what a good book ought to do: it captivates the reader. (As an aside, I prefer to be captivated in a wholesome, edifying way. I love quirkiness and humor, but nothing pointlessly dark or dirty.) Artists often talk of "losing themselves" in their work; this feeling spills over to the receiver of the artistry. I was lost listening to the virile storytelling of "Captain Littlepage" in Chapter 5.

I went to bed thinking about a question another homeschooling mom posed at her blog, "Heaven, not Harvard" (click: here for the link); she asked, "Why do you read blogs?" Indeed, why? Why write them? How is blogging better than publishing your life or work or business on a webpage? The first blog I read somewhat regularly was Amy Welborn's "Open Book," which I have not looked at in some time. I was, at the time, feeling called to home educate our children. So, I started reading some blogs by Catholic home educating moms. I have always been an avid reader.

On the writing end, I think blogging a form of journalism. Clearly, it is more personal and few of us get paid for it! We who take the time to keep this online journal called a blog are very often motivated to touch the lives of others. I think our "payment" is often in the form of enrichment, edification, and entertainment -- laughter is good, good medicine! Erma Bombeck would have blogged; I'm sure of it!

I do not have a funny style and don't tell stories like I'd like to....I do care passionately about what I do. I love my family and cannot properly express what a gift it is that the good Lord would give us this time to grow, worship and learn together. As usual, I have more thoughts swarming in my head, but I gotta sign off for now. Here is a very "unschooly" quote from the quirky and capable "Mrs. Todd". This reflects my own concern regarding too much rigor in our planning/scheduling.

In Chapter 8, she says, "I must say I like variety myself; some folks washes Monday an' irons Tuesday the whole year round, even if the circus is goin' by!"

P.S. I think blogs are more engaging than webpages, but, then again, each serves different purposes. I have seen them work nicely together, as is the case with


Eileen said...

Sounds like we got our start in blog reading the same way!

I just find it so interesting and inspiring to read about what other moms are doing to homeschool their kids and raise them up in the faith. Most people write in a very engaging style, and I like that--makes me feel almost like I know them. Since homeschooling can seem very isolating at times, it's so nice to feel "welcome" in another homeschool family's "house."

This is my first time visiting your blog,and I look forward to poking around! (Your title grabbed my attention!) Thanks for the topic, I enjoyed reading your thoughts.


Willa said...

I have that Sarah Orne Jewett book, too. My folks come from Maine -- my father grew up there.

I've been to your blog a few times before -- I always enjoy reading your thoughts. I like your title too : )