Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Glories of Mary

I just prayed the "Regina Coeli," and was looking around the internet researching this prayer, and found this online -- wow!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lake Lanier and hitting the water locally...

I have been poking around the internet looking at places I'd like to visit around Lake Lanier. This restaurant looks good and this marina would be fun to visit. This website has information on all the public access parks, but it looks like there is conflicting information regarding bringing your dogs along.

This outfitter is close by, and I would like to get in a trip before the peak season begins. I read in a local magazine that this outfitter up the road in Dawsonville has an indoor pool where they give kayaking lessons -- you can learn how to roll in a controlled environment.

River tubing is big around here -- the one trip we had planned in Jasper last summer was cancelled due to a thunder storm. I will add on to this post as I continue my research (the links are bear at this point, but I'll fill them in...)...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the big drive

I wish somehow I could capture the palpable softness that is in the air right now. As we made a whirlwind trip up to Kentucky, leaving last Friday and returning yesterday afternoon, I told my hubby that I felt as if we were driving through an Impressionist painting. There were so many redbud trees. Their lovely flowers stood out amongst the pale-green, baby leaves of the budding hardwoods. So, this morning, as I go around the house taking all the purple construction paper off our religious art (yes!), I want so very much to hold these early spring days in my heart. Our Savior is risen indeed: and, I have this sense that He is calling me to cast out all fear. God is the God of surprises. He is the Father who gives His children what they need, not necessarily what they want. He wants me to shed my fears. I had no idea that this would be my Easter blessing. I had little idea how coated in fear I am. I am reading and discovering some very powerful ideas about the Resurrection...