Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ad astra per aspera!

Ad astra per aspera means: To the stars through difficulties! I joyfully report that JB, Little Man and I started Our Roman Roots today. I think it is going to be just what the doctor (read: the Divine Physician) ordered to give some extra balance and organization to our week. We loved it, and we worked so well together. We sang, laughed, talked, wrote and drew and drew. Little Man copied "ugly sailor" and nauta foedus into his notebook. So often, real learning is happening, for us, when lots of fun art supplies are combined with some wonderfully meaty topic like the roots of our faith and culture (or should-be culture). What I thought would begin as a our "little Latin lesson" took 4 hours! I am happily tired -- still fighting a fluish headache, congestion and hot throat. JB and J loved Latin and asked for more and more. The format is so engaging. Details to follow...
note: J and I finished The Matchlock Gun by Walter D. Edmonds (1941) -- so "politically incorrect", a real classic, no twaddle here! I had ordered all of this wonderful material from Adoremus Books right after Christmas. Also, the chores we have been practicing since the fall are really bearing fruit. M was very helpful. All kids and Mom prayed and heard the saint of the day. JB went to her guitar lesson. A friend came over. Mom prayed a Rosary. We ate all meals at home. Mom "Tues. tackled" the upstairs bathroom tub and the fridge. Dad built a new guinea pig abode. Our sick dog is well. Today was very close to what an ideal day can look like, in this family. Sure, I could list several missing factors, but I won't. I know the Blessed Mother is helping us. She is truly "...our light, our sweetness and our hope..."

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