Saturday, March 1, 2008

Soul cleaning, house cleaning

JB and I went to Confession this morning; and then, we came home and all of us did some needed house cleaning/yard work. The weather was fair and lovely here, and we enjoyed ourselves out on the deck for a while. My husband and I have a babysitter coming soon, so that we can go out on a date. May our Guardian Angels guide us as parents. With just about 12 weeks left in the academic year, I hope we can inspire our young scholars to learning that is wholehearted and oriented toward growing in holiness. Our scholars are rising 2nd, rising 5th, and rising 8/9th. This is a general indication of their progress, as each scholar works on different grade levels in different areas. Our J, for example, would be given an A in art by a 4th grade teacher. JB reads and writes at least one grade level above her age. M worked ahead in science and math. This is one of the biggest gifts of home education -- that the young can follow their God-given talents when they are most alert. This happens in good schools too. It is not an "either...or".
Learning notes: When I plan things without everyone on board, we are weaker in our resolve. Family meetings work great for us. We need to have more of them. I'd also like to propose we create a fairly large-sized prayer journal to use during our evening family prayer times. Nemo liber est qui corpori servit (No one is free who is a slave to his body.)was the maxim for our 2nd Latin lesson.

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Leonie said...

Tes, family meetings work well for us, but we don't always get around to having them!