Monday, February 25, 2008

The Pope on an "education in goodness"

Here is a link to the big goal. The first 6 months we home educated, I postponed blogging and kept, instead, "Mom's Weekly Lesson Plan Journal", a spin-off of my time management style, which is to keep a monthly calendar on the fridge and write a weekly "to do" list, which would be modified daily by what was actually done, aka a "to done" list. When I was pregnant with Mags, my friend Jenny taught me this sanity saving device. If a mom gets too attached to her "to do" list, she risks being out of touch with the real and pressing needs of her children. Children of any age need to know that they are blessings to their families. I have longed chaffed against the idea that it is the job of the parents to keep their kids constantly active and entertained. One of the reasons we have a decline in large families is because we have so many high maintenance adults. Many in my generation were raised with too much too often. Too little or non-existent prayer is a disease in this country; there is no "education in goodness" without prayer.

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