Thursday, January 1, 2009

Let us sing a new song...

Hail Mary, Full of Grace, Blessed Art Thou Among Women, and Blessed is the Fruit of thy womb, Jesus....I was just reminded of the fact that the ancient name given to our Lord, Yeshua, means "God saves". Oh, my! What goodness dwells among us and, with such amazing possibility, can dwell profoundly in the hearts of men. We are off to noon Mass on this 8th Day of Christmas. It was on the 8th day, after His blessed birth, that our Savior was circumcised. I love the ancient rites, the eternal Sacraments, all these are never tired, always fresh, always there to renew us in heart and mind. May we all experience a wave of grace and blessing in 2009! Newness in Christ Jesus is ever necessary and ever beautiful! The 7th Day of Christmas was a mini vacation for Mom (me). I dropped J and JB off at a friend's house to celebrate a birthday, went to the library and Harry's Farmer's Market, while Dad and M went up to collect everyone. We all met back here and readied ourselves to celebrate -- here, there and yonder -- New Year's Eve. My friend is putting our dinner on shutterfly, so hopefully I can put some of the photos on the blog. All we had going on last night was a warm and wonderful way to ring in 2009. Back to today, we took a drive after Mass and ate lunch up in Cumming and really enjoyed driving around, what is usually a very congested area, with nearly no traffic. We are going to buy a GPS for the van when the prices come down some, so it was great to have a chance for Dad to drive while Mom cased out the back roads. I had been taking the one "main drag," Ronald Reagan Blvd (...yes, Forsyth County is very conservative...); and my hubby helped me find some shortcuts.

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