Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Second Cup

If you click here, you will see this wonderful book we read yesterday by Jerry Pallotta; the artwork and the text are so enriching. Our winter term is off to a good start. Today, later this afternoon, we go back to our clarinet and guitar lessons after a big break. Yesterday, Joy-Beth and Jay used some of the money they received as gifts for Christmas to purchase some more furry friends here at Casa Sullivan. Joy-Beth has a new dwarf hamster named "Winnie" for Winter, and Jaybird has a good-looking black and white guinea pig, which the children named "Oreo". We are also reading Mary Fabyan Windeatt's lively book, King David and His Songs: A Story of the Psalms (here). I am really looking forward to the arrival of a book order from Adoremus books and also some used books from Ebay and Half.com by Ebay. With the new year back in swing, I hope to try some new housekeeping strategies: the "Tuesday Tackle" and "Friday Floors"....this is inspired by Holly Pierlot's book, A Mother's Rule of Life. I also want to try to write everyday.
Thank you Lord for this new year 2008. Please grant us the grace to do your Holy Will in our thoughts, words and deeds. Amen

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Rachel R. said...

I love your 4 Rs Study list in the sidebar. Very Cool! I am just wasting alot of time on this rainy day ignoring all the Christmas decorations on the floor, which need to be boxed and stored.

It was great seeing you yesterday and having Jay with us. He was alot of fun...little Ninja that he is!

Love You!