Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sullivan Family Update

I wrote the following on Christmas Eve and was able to mail it to many friends and family. I ran out of cards! So, I am posting this on my blog:
Christmas Eve 2007

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for taking a few minutes to help us count our blessings. Our beautiful Advent season flew by all too fast this year.

Welcome Christmas! Here is a “Sullivan family update,” from the youngest to the oldest:

Jay is 6 and self-described as “fun and nice”. He draws often and well and spends hours building with Legos. He is outgoing, loves people and animals, and has been asking nonstop if he can open his Christmas presents.

Joy-Beth is 9 and true to her name; she is a joy. She loves to read. She writes creatively, writes in cursive, helps Mom re-arrange furniture, composes songs on her guitar, and plays with her siblings and friends.

Maggie is 11 and is blossoming into a lovely young lady. She is a terrific cook, good to her friends and an intellectual powerhouse. She plays the guitar and the clarinet. She advises Mom on the latest home education curricula and trends.

Sara is 41 and can be found blogging on the Internet at “Those That Wonder,” an online journal. Home education is a fit for now for her and her family. She does her best to be active in her neighborhood and parish. She loves to read, write, be outside; and, most of all, watch her children grow and learn.

Jerry is 44 and our hero. After three years of hard work and sacrifice, his work on an Internet security software product is truly making waves in the computer industry. He loves music and plays guitar. How he finds time to care for us, two big dogs, three cats, two cars and a big house is a testament to his faith and love! He is his wife’s greatest blessing on earth.

We survived a few bumps in the road -- more blood and stitches with Jaybird, for one. As those of you who know about some of our past “adventures,” this year has been so very peaceful and uneventful. We had a lovely week at the beach in September, and we love our friends here in Georgia. We miss those of you who live far away, but keep you close in thought and prayer.

May Christ’s Peace and Love be with you today and through Eternity. Have a blessed and happy Christmas season and 2008!
The Sullivan Family

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