Friday, January 11, 2008

Knowledge, Leisure and What is "School"?

I just changed the "wallpaper" on my computer desktop to this graphic drawn by artist Mary Englebreit. She calls it "Knowledge". If you click on the link above, you can download it for free. We have a busy weekend with Joy-Beth going up to a sleepover in Buford, Georgia, and Jaybird and Jerry are busy with scouts tonight and in the morning, as they are racing in the "Pinewood Derby". My inlaws and I had such a good phone conversation yesterday evening. I am one fortunate Catholic mom to have my inlaws so very supportive of our decision to educate the children here at home. Somewhere (maybe someone will read this and comment) I read that school comes from a Greek word, schole (I think), which mean leisure.

Now, the implications of this are many. Please hang on and I will write more after I drink more coffee (:


blondegirl said...

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Leonie said...

Love the picture - and the title seems so apt, doesn't it?