Friday, December 26, 2008

Story of St. Wenceslaus

Go here to read about good King Wenceslaus. This is one of my favorite Christmas carols. Enjoy the carol here. Wow! I just found a picture book jackpot. Go here for a blog post chock full of books and info on this inspiring saint. Yesterday, the 1st Day of Christmas: While it was a good thing to get up to Kentucky from last Saturday to Tuesday, we were all a bit sluggish yesterday. The 10:30 Christmas Day Mass was so quiet and lovely. We went for a little drive, ate a late lunch at one of the few places open in the metro area, had some hot cider and visited with friends and came home to settle in to watch movies and eat frozen lasagna from COSTCO, which I did heat in the oven! Oops; rewind to Christmas morn -- we always make a home movie of the children coming down the stairs to see what ole St. Nick brought (his presents are unwrapped or in the stockings) and then they tore into a few wrapped gifts, most of which the girls bought for their little brother. The tree is beautifully lit as I write this on a cloudy, and not so cold -- around 53 degrees -- morning. I love winter and have loved it all my life. The short days take the pressure off my extroverted temperament. I get outside, but the quiet and low light soothes my easily agitated self. Growing up in Kentucky, I never remember the ice or snow keeping me inside too much. As a younger person, I spent hours taking long walks. I love being able to see the shape and contours of the land. Now I see it largely from my van, yet, the views here in our North Georgia suburban neighborhoods are breathtakingly beautiful, surrounded by winter's spartan landscape. Instead of 5 mile hikes, now I putter around my little plot of the American pie like a good rheumatic. Part of the reason I keep this little diary is to remind myself of things I want to do, places and books to explore...well, again, I'll write that I want very much to get back to taking pictures and learn how to put them on this blog. So far, I am dependent on my hubby and my firstborn to help me with the photos. While I'm at it, I want to learn to paint. Our new house has a room on the terrace level to use as a playroom/art studio. Art and architecture have become quite the passion around here, for years, as all the children love to color, draw, paint and build. Being a stay-at-home mom has been for me the greatest ongoing Christmas gift a woman could ever hope to have.

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