Saturday, December 27, 2008

2nd Day of Christmas

2nd Day of Christmas: I am really trying to savor every moment. We are so glad to have Dad home for two weeks with no work! He took us to his favorite lunch spot, where he usually goes with all his fellow software engineers. Then, we joined the swarm at Target, and, believe it or not, THE MALL! Oh, my goodness, it was waves and waves of people. The general feeling was very happy and laid back with lots of extended families walking in groups. This area is so new that lots of folks must have grandparents, aunts/uncles, town to stay. It reminded me of when I lived in Madrid, which, when I lived there, was such a laid back city full of families strolling and shopping and eating. I learned to love strong coffee in Madrid's cafes. (...okay, the cheap, good red table wine was good too...) Well, back to yesterday. M and Dad walked the whole Mall and J, JB and I made a small circle, bought frosty Orange Juluii and plopped right on the floor in front of Waldenbooks and had such a good time watching people and looking at JB's half price calendars (...she has a calendar collection...). I am writing and delivering a few Christmas cards every day, hopefully to have them all out by Epiphany. The girls are helping with delivery of local cards/gifts and helping cook and clean. Little Man does dishes, sweeping and family room pick up. Some seasonal greeting cards are going through email this year. The girls and I went to Publix, and we all settled in to watch a very strange and funny movie called The Bee Movie. Earlier in the day, we recorded a bunch of the show Myth Busters, which we've heard alot about but never seen, and watched a few of those episodes here and there. The dogs and cats were in heaven having us all piled in the family room so much. Dad was playing lots of guitar. Looking ahead: We want to try some new recipes: sausage balls and a chocolate cake and more. And, I'm trying to talk Dad into roasting a fresh turkey, while they are available. M and I are looking at studying the works of George MacDonald this coming quarter. I am getting the planning itch and want to go solo to the library next week while Dad holds down the fort.

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