Monday, August 18, 2008

Our First Day of School

In a nutshell, it felt good to be back in action. We are setting our sights high on all fronts -- academic, spiritual, housework and community. I can hardly write as I am "good tired" from a full day. Maggie made us all dinner -- yummy fried rice, flavored with lots of fresh ginger and garlic. I made us a cool bulletin board yesterday afternoon, which is different from the white board that I used the last couple of years. A couple of hours ago (around 6pm), I was reflecting on the day, and actually read the Pope's Intentions for August (funny how you can be in such a whirl as to put things on a bb and not read them!!!). What caught my eye tugged at my heart, as lately I have been a bit anxious about all the many hats our Lord is asking me to wear (I think of Mary and how active she was on so many levels, for so many sorts of persons.) It was his mission intention that struck a chord with me: That the answer of the entire people of God to the common calling to holiness and mission may be promoted and fostered by means of careful discernment of charisms and constant commitment to spiritual and cultural formation.

Jesus, Mary, save souls!


Rachel said...

I nominated you for two awards

The Kick Ass Blogger Award (which I got from Sara B.)
The Brillante Award

Come to my blog to see.

Love you!

Leonie said...

I love bulletin boards - very useful for me, something catches my eye and thoughts. Love to see a pic sometime!