Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My children are torturing each other....

I was going to call this post, "America the Beautiful" and describe how our virtual cross-country drive was going, how we began some good books, made some drawings, wrote some good notebook pages, studied our saint and loved our country by loving our family. But, I thought I'd show the "other side" of the homeschool bubble. (In general, I like our bubble, but there are days and there are days...Really each day, even the best among them, has its fair share of vicissitudes.) It is 5:14 p.m. and everyone is ready for dinner, ready for dad to get home and ready to jab and jeer at whoever is easy prey. At present, J and M are torturing JB. Everyone is taking turns melting down.

Homeschooling allows for a highly vicissitudinous (did I spell that right?) life, which, in the main, is a very good thing. Why? Because it is real. It teaches us tools to cope with crises. I'd argue that living the high and lows, the ins and outs, the down and outs, everyday with your family equips you for...

family life! What a concept!

I am hopeful that truth, goodness and beauty will prevail. In this home. In this country.

God mend thine every flaw. Amen

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Rachel said...

my children are torturing me! Calgon take me make that Vodka take me away!

I love you!!! We are in this together!!!