Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Praise His Holy Name!

I love to put the Holy Name of Jesus in front of my own, or anyone else to whom I wish to offer to God, in prayer. It has been so hectic around here, with lots going on. I am happy to report that all are happy and well, just lots of activities and parties and meetings. This morning, when JB, J and I read the story of St. Bernardine (I got this picture from the Catholic Culture website.), my heart was filled with gratitude for the smallest things that please our Lord. He is so glad for us to utter His Holy Name in petition of our needs and wants.

The desires of our soul are so often His Holy Desires, too. Spring is in full bloom. May we all stay blessed!

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Leonie said...

I've always been inspired by St Bernardine - and Fr talked a lot about him in Mass recently - we are in a Franciscan parish.