Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Holy Week is around the corner.

Just before Ash Wednesday, the thought crossed my mind that we could try a Lenten custom that I read about in Susie Lloyd's funny and inspiring book, Don't Drink the Holy Water. They only watch religious videos during Lent. Now, we cut the cable tv long ago, and are very particular about our media intake. We watch alot of movies about the saints, and the kids loved all the ***CCC videos when they were little.

Better still, would be complete fast from tv shows and film. You could play board games, put good radio on, have evening family read-alouds, sing, have people over for dinner, dance, play guitar, or cook or craft. All of these things (except the radio listening) we do regularly. We still split off, however, in an "every man for himself" mode a bit too much. The whole media fast problem is that we almost always have sickness this time of year and "screen time", as I've seen several moms call it, helps to get through colds and flu.

I see myself as the heart of the home and try to reflect on these things so as to tweak our family life. Over the years, and especially during the blessed time that is Lent, we have, through actions both sudden and gradual, grown closer to our Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary and each other. Advent, likewise, is a special time around here. Fasting, praying, and giving are emphasized during these seasons all of which could be summed up in the word preparation. We prepare to love and for Love. Jesus is Love and wants us to be ready to receive His Incarnation and Passion as the pure gifts that they are.

learning notes: ***J would love some of those CCC videos. Last week, I was happy to see the girls working together on a movie script they wrote and played out. Notebooking is going well for J and JB. I need to get my seasonal binder done, and M needs to write more. Mens sana in corpore sano./A sound mind in a sound body. was our quote for the day in Latin. J did muscles (we thought of making a tricep with a rubber band, but didn't...) and JB did the nervous system. I need to finish The Joyful Mysteries of Life w/JB. I plan to take a teacher work day away from the house soon and consult my three main sources for grade-level objectives and skills: MODG, the Core Knowledge Series and CHC. I do not blog much on our love of art and music because it is so effortless. With spring around the corner, we'll get out our sketchbooks and nature journals. Also, I want to close the year with a scroll-style history timeline that we do as a family.

J is in heaven 'cause he gets to work at home tomorrow with Dad. We girls are off to Cumming tomorrow for Challenge. St. Gemma Galgani, pray for us!

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Leonie said...

I am planning on watching some of The Passion during Holy Week.....