Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Parent's Prayer for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Loving Spirit of God, on behalf of myself and my children, I ask You for:

the WISDOM to perceive the way You are leading my child that I may not hinder You in him

the UNDERSTANDING to fathom the workings of my child's mind, so that my judgements will not be harsh, but gentle

the KNOWLEDGE to correct when it will strengthen and to be silent when my words will hurt

the COUNSEL to give guidance in the right amount, the right way, at the right moment

the PIETY that makes me a Christian inside and out, so that I never preach what I do not live

the FORTITUDE to weather the storms and doubts that assail my own spirit, and be a source of strength and courage to my child in weathering hers

the FEAR of YOU, LORD, that is not terror but awe and reverence in sharing with You in the creation of another human being for time and eternity

Heavenly Father, help me to deal with my child in the same spirit I want You to deal with me. Amen