Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mom begins Latin studies

At our 4pm Family Mass, we sang the Lamb of God/Agnus Dei in Latin, and it was lovely. My parents encouraged me to study Spanish as a youth. After having travelled to Mexico, Guatemala, Spain and Argentina and had some solid courses in college, I am fluent but have, over time, become rusty in my speaking skills. As I embark upon my Latin studies, I understand the concept of inflection from having conjugated all those verbs en espanol; I am curious to see how inflection works with nouns. I hope to stir up some interest at my parish for a family-style Latin study group.

Some quick notes: Dad and son are revisiting our Godzilla movie collection. These have long been a family favorite. Jay loves to draw battles. His two favorite subjects are medieval battle scenes; and, he likes the quirky, slow moving monsters in these sci-fi flicks. M wants to quit the clarinet for a while, after three years of lessons. M read all the Spiderwick Chronicles, and JB, J and I want to read them before the movie comes out. All of us, except Dad, learned so much Friday afternoon at TORCH coop classes. Today, Mom got to have a morning out and met Rach for early Mass, Confession and a yummy, leisurely brunch at this restaurant in our historic district. Then, I came back and took 5 kids shopping and for hair cuts, picked up Jerry, went to Mass and a very fun banquet for our parish Boy Scout troop of which our little man is the smallest member. I had forgotten that I signed the girls up for a game night with our youth group (at nearly the same time) and it was funny how it all worked out.

I am signing off to read my World Book Encyclopedia (I got a whole set at a library sale for $10 just as I decided to bring the girls home for study and saw this as one affirmation among many I received at the time) article on "Latin Language" and "Latin Literature".

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