Monday, February 18, 2008

My poor husband

My poor husband is out shopping with the girls -- poor, poor man. He is in the "in" with me; however, as we got-it-done here at home. With his being off work today, all manner of odd jobs were done. We are gearing up to host a mid-sized family party on Friday to celebrate our son's 7th birthday. I have been a bit dreamy today thinking of my babies. I was working as a real estate agent when I became pregnant with our first child; and, thanks be to God, the wise and wonderful women I worked with threw a baby shower for me and encouraged me to stay home, if it was feasible for us.

And, yes, it was. My mother-in-law, in her usual respectful way, mentioned how smart it would be to buy a house on my husband's income. We did that, back in May of 1994. I have been an "at home" mom ever since. I made a little money in 1998 as a freelance newspaper writer. Then again, in 1999, as an assistant preschool teacher. That has been the extent of my paid career (oh yes, in 1994, I cooked and served in a tea room for about 6 months). Our Mimi is much in my thoughts and prayers this month as this is her birthday month; she and Jerry's dad will be here in a couple of days.

My husband's parents have been with us every step of the way. They live over 320 miles away from their grandchildren and still manage to be such a big part of their lives. Two of Jerry's cousins are also in the Atlanta area; one of whom has little children. What a blessing a family can be! It was not so long ago in this country that children grew up in the same town, maybe even the same home, were two or three generations had been raised. I am a Southerner on both my mother's and father's side. Atlanta is often referred to as the "New South". It is really very different from the way my husband and I grew up.

I often think about when a break from tradition is a good or bad thing. In general, I am very traditional. Often ideas touted as new are not really new. Rather, they are the same old "wolf in sheep's clothing". Authenticity is so very different from novelty. What is truly authentic is purity. Now, that is a "new" idea! This month of February is such a good time to think about our hearts. The heart is intimately tied to the will. Are we filled with self love or God's love?
Thank you, dear husband, for being such a selfless giver. You are beautiful!

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Kathleen said...

"He is in the "in" with me; however, as we got-it-done here at home."

Ummm, Sara, .....I hope this is the honey-do list like cleaning the screens.... this is not supposed to be scandalous :)