Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fair weather, nasty necks and good reads

I am reading this book, have already given it to my friend Rachel as a b-day gift, and hope others will read it because....hold onto your pants (or skirt) is utterly orthodox. It is a TAN book married to Erma Bombeck. It borders as an "occasion of sin," but, I would argue, less so than living in the world does, because, as you are reading this, you are thinking (thinking, what a concept, in this day and age !?!). And, the authors give us much to think about.

Due to the loving interest of my friend Rachel (the one with the 29th b-day a few days back (: ), I am also going to consider eliminating these foods from my diet in my ongoing attempt to reduce the chronic pain and inflammation that I live with. I have fibromyalgia and lots of painful arthritis, including disc disease in my cervical spine -- literally, a "pain in the neck". Several weeks back, I began the most effective treatment heretofor at this clinic in Marietta, Georgia.

I am enjoying the fair weather here in Georgia, while it lasts. We are wrapping up certain homeschooling activities and gearing up for some fun summer learning. Joy-Beth is looking forward to going to a 3o-day math camp this summer -- not!!! She is sitting here as I write this and we are both ready for a break from math. Next semester we will tackle Saxon 5/4, but, first, the pool.

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