Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Peeking ahead at next academic year....

I am having a hard time doing a little work here on the computer as there is the MOST BEAUTIFUL SNOW here today in Georgia. My two academic passions are history and writing and here are two links that may assist us next year in 4th and 7th grades:

My friend Lisa loves this writing program, and I like the idea of the DVD tutorials. This review on LovetoLearn is most helpful.

CHC's motto "Educating for Eternity" has my heart, my full attention. I am looking at how they organize their history studies and plan to go dig up the CHC materials that I own and see how they differ from their most current editions.

The snow is such a delight and such a source of profound peace. The family is all here, all content, all quiet and all "tranquilized" by the pure, white blanket of beauty that surrounds us.

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