Thursday, March 25, 2010

How language can set our hearts ablaze with Love...

I had half an hour to read and pray a little...these reflections printed in Magnificat at the end of the Mass readings are rich indeed. This is from Mother Marie des Douleurs who was the foundress of the Benedictine sisters of Jesus Crucified. Since she died in 1983, I hope to have the time to research this inspired foundress. Here is a quote from the meditation:

She (Mary) put herself wholly into this perspective of final, absolute triumph, and we see her always in a golden light. She believed, not in a timid faith in tune with the weaknesses and vicissitudes of our present life, but with a faith in harmony with the awesome ardors of the Infinite. She had seen the reign of the Spirit of her Son, and in her serenity she was in no need of patience while waiting till the sparks led at last to the blaze of glory.

(italics mine -- wow!)

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