Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A very fun and fat Fat Tuesday

We really lived high on the hog today with meaty meals and lots of play, talk, organizing and packing with Rach and her kiddos. Tivo and Tyler were a dynamic husky duo and Tanner got worn out fast. J, JB and A stuffed themselves and came to lunch all fattened up, laughing and bouncing off the walls and each other. We ate cheese eggs, sausage and whole wheat bagels with good apricot jam. We drank coffee early and tea later. Rach got us really organized and ready for the move. She packed and packed. Later, JB and Mom packed lots more and then everyone ate more -- spicy boneless chicken wings and pizza from Dominos with soda, as a special treat. This is our third year in a row to really live it up at home for Mardi Gras...usually we have King Cake and decorate with the festive gold, green and purple.

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