Sunday, February 15, 2009

7 Sweet St. Valentine's Day Memories 2009

I have been on Facebook a bit this past week and am trying to psyche myself up to respond to all the encouragement to write a 25 Things About Me post. This is a warm-up:
1. Our seven year old son's new favorite food is ---lobster!!!!
2. Yesterday afternoon, after spending a rather grueling hour and a half at BrandSmart super, mega mart buying a dishwasher for the house we are about to put on the market, we had an early dinner at a Chinese restaurant in a very Asian suburb of north Atlanta off Buford Highway. Well, Canton House was delicious. Because it was their 14th Anniversary, they were offering a wonderful pan-sauteed lobster for $5. It was redolent of ginger and perfectly cooked and perfectly sweet.
3. Dad and Mom spending an afternoon and evening with their boy. Both of his sisters were spending the night away from home, so our sweet boy was all ours.
4. Even though my husband and I are a bit stressed out with the idea of owning two houses for a while, I am happy to report, that after 15 years and 4 months of marriage, our close friendship is the better part of any situation. While I am temperamentally like my dad, and he always told me to "never brag on (my) marriage", I am temperamentally very unlike my husband. I hope I am not so much bragging as I am counting the biggest blessing in my life.
5. Early yesterday morn, I sent our 2 daughters and hubby a cute little Valentine on Facebook. I thought long and hard before putting FB into our family routine; and, so far so good. I think FB, if used with prudence, can increase faith, hope and love.
6. Speaking of love, we were all about red on Friday when we celebrated St. Valentine's Day and the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit at our TORCH coop class. I am one of the lead teachers for the Blue Knights curriculum and our topic Friday was the Holy Spirit. The liturgical color for Pentecost is red. Red vestments are worn by priests and deacons on the feast days of martyrs. Love, in the Christian sense, is not just about pleasure and sweets, it is about sacrifice. I'd add that a life of sacrifice can be a very sweet thing indeed. Treat yourself to a copy of Butler's Lives of the Saints and read some love stories that will knock your socks off!
7. St. Valentine, pray for us!

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