Sunday, January 4, 2009

Celebrating from Epiphany until The Baptism of the Lord

We are off to 5pm Mass on this blessed Feast of the Epiphany. We are all ready, willing and able to get back to work tomorrow, even though Christmas is not over. We have shopped, feasted, partied and prayed. We have also cooked, rested and done some cleaning. With Dad going back to work, there will be more house work and cooking for us to do. He has been such a blessing around the house and taking us out to lunch right and left.

As of today, I have a new homeschooling blog ,and, it is a journal of somewhat unrelaxed Catholic unschooling, if I may choose that label for myself. I love to learn, to follow rabbit trails, to be free to keep doing what I am doing if I am doing it well, so these are some family goals too. Dad came up with the name; it is what he wanted to do today.

We did not go out to the house today, as we usually do, because we drove by on New Year's Day and things looked the same. Hopefully, by a week from today, we'll see more construction.

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Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

I hope you had Msgr today, he gave an AWESOME sermon at the 9am mass.