Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Lady of Guadelupe, pray for us!

It is hard for me to settle down and write because there is so much to do! So, I ask our Lady's intercession to bring me down a few notches to pause and reflect. After a very relaxing, long weekend in Kentucky, with Dad's brother and mother and father over the Thanksgiving holiday, we came back to Georgia ready to prepare for Christmas and for our move to Cumming in January. While we were in Kentucky, our Mimi and I decided to work together to make a Polish meal, when we return back to their home in Kentucky, as part of our Christmas 2008 celebration. A couple of days ago, the children and I checked out a bunch of books on Poland at one of our local libraries. This morning we read this inspiring picture book, Escaping to America: A True Story, by Rosalyn Schanzer. This is such an appropriate story, given the season. Speaking of Advent, we are getting very enthusiastic about Gaudete Sunday. Having never roasted a turkey, I hope to talk my husband into giving it a try this Sunday. I have stuffing mix from Trader Joe's and apples and sweet potatoes to bowl or stew in the slow cooker. I just need to buy some green beans and the turkey. I hope to post more on our Polish studies as there is more to it than what I have here. Also, we are so grateful for our son's performance in The Small One night before last. We also have been blessed to be able to serve, outside the home, more than usual; and, I notice, with the children a year older, that this Advent 2008 has seen many more quiet-working-together moments...nothing spectacular, just the pleasant calm of cleaning and organizing together.

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