Monday, December 29, 2008

Faith's great adventure -- Becket!

Today is the 5th Day of Christmas and a most interesting saint's feast day. Here is a quote from Catholic Culture about Becket: "Given the tempo of the liturgical season with its feasts it is easy to overlook that one saint who for many centuries was, after Mary and Joseph, the most venerated person in European Christendom." Read the rest here. I want to see this film about the venerated man. Looking back to the 4th Day of Christmas: Yesterday was one of my favorite feasts of the whole year, the Feast of the Holy Family. For years now, I have dedicated the most intimate part of my life to the Holy Family. I love them and everything for which they stand. So, Mass yesterday was particularly moving for me. We went for our regular Sunday drive up to Cumming to snap some pics of the house. We ate at Cici's Pizza and looked at leather couches, came home, had some hot tea and watched loads of t.v. M made us pasta with red sauce for dinner. We talk alot while we watch t.v. Much playing with our grateful pets. Our evening family prayer was almost midnight. We are really staying up late and sleeping late.

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