Friday, September 12, 2008

Stella Maris, pray for us!

We are headed off soon to our coop on Marine Biology. J, JB and I just read the Pauline sisters daily entry on the "Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary." In this book, St. Bernard is quoted as having written the following:

"As you struggle through the stormy sea of life, do not turn away from Mary, star of the sea. If the winds of temptation blow your little boat, or if you are headed toward the rocks of suffering, look at the star -- call Mary! If you are tossed by waves of ambition or envy, look at the star -- call Mary! If anger or greed rocks the little boat of your heart, look at Mary! If you are getting
discouraged because of your sins, think of Mary! In dangers and difficulties, remember Mary --
call Mary! Do not let her name be far from your lips. Keep the thought of her fixed in your heart! She will keep you from losing your way. She will protect you so you have nothing to fear. She will guide you to Jesus, your Savior!"

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