Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pictures!!! (from JB's Macbook)

My Kids And I Are Having A Very Fun Time Doing Art Well Except For M. J has Made A Box, A Very Colorful Box For His Little Army Guys. And B, that is Jb but She Decided To Change Her Name  To Beth So She Is Now Beth. Ha Ha that Was Me, Beth The Whole Time. LoL Wait! Now REally Quick I want To Show You a Blog That My Friend and I made This Blog  http://thesupervintagegurlz.blogspot.com/Now Here Is My  MoM! 

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...It is not always as easy as it looks.  I am blogging from my daughter's Macbook, as I still am too lazy to figure out digital cameras and PCs.  Well, we are getting ready to mobilize to drive up to Alpharetta for J and JB's art class.  We have had an arty day, so far!

Some learning notes:  KOLBE is working great, so far, for M.  I am proud of her discipline.  A surprise hit for us are the three books I ordered this summer from Seton media (Spelling 2 and 5 and Grammar 5).  We got a pile of Henry and Mudge books from the library yesterday, and they are funny, engaging --wonderful!  JB started her weekly math lessons with Mrs. R.  CHALLENGE starts next week and M started CCD last night at the parish.  I must be learning a thing or two -- I am beginning my "junior year" as a hschooling mom -- 'cause I got the ball rolling in late July, and now we are hitting a good pace, a good balance of activities, prayer and academics.   B is rolling through her Saxon 5/4 as I write this -- go B!!!  St. Peter Claver, pray for us! Help us to be slaves to Jesus and His Church.

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