Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some inspiring links....

I just read this wonderful reflection aptly titled, "On Keeping Hope and Joy While Suffering."

Yesterday I was on Elizabeth Foss's blog and hyperlinked to the website of The Teaching Company, and considered buying some DVD's of lectures of Vanderbilt's Professor of History, Marshall Eakin. Professor Eakin was my professor from 1990-92 and was such a kind, warm and intelligent man. I did not buy the DVD's because I am going to give a series of talks to my kids based on Anne Carroll's book, Christ and the Americas.

We are really in the thick of summer here in north Georgia. We have been reading and watching t.v. shows about the Civil War. I want to learn more about Robert E. Lee.

My husband bought me Joseph Pearce's latest book on the Catholicism of William Shakespeare, which is such a good read.

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