Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and American History

Many weeks ago, my friend Rachel and I decided to encourage each other to a more prayerful life by becoming "scapular sisters". We chose the blue scapular, and, well, these scapulars lay dormant for a while. Yesterday, we met at St. Andrews and, since Fr. Mike was in and available, we finally had our scapulars blessed and are wearing them. Click here to see what's behind this gentle-yet-firm devotion.

My JB is very sick with the flu. Please say a prayer for her. Little man and I read lots of American history this morning. The history of the American Revolution is fascinating. We read about Captain John Barry and John Paul Jones, about General Washington and the perserverant General Cornwallis (We all know about Washington's valor, but his contemporaries were of such mettle as we do not see among leaders these days). We often call those men of our great-grandpa's generation the "great generation". I'd nominate these late 18th century leaders as the "fearless generation". If there was a risk to take, they took it.

I think many men these days have lost faith in themselves and their endeavors because they have no faith in their Creator. There has been alot written lately about men and boys. Take the historical angle. What did the French Enlightenment do to men? When reason supposedly triumphed over faith, the hearts of men shrunk and their minds became soft and calculating. A warm heart, full of faith and love, always accompanies a clear conscience and a decisive, risk-taking mind. Purity of heart is the basis of all good decisions and strategem.

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SaraB said...

Fr. Mike mentioned at noon Mass that he gave 2 families blue scapulars that morning. I knew it had to be friends of ours! Mystery solved. :)