Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wonderful Words

JB and I hope to learn how to take digital photos and upload them directly on to this blog. She composed and drew a lovely acrostic poem on the whiteboard this morning, "SCARF". It is inspired by the noun we all love to wear this time of year, not what hungry hockey players do to their food. If we are quick learners, we will post a picture of this work of art.

Notes: JB and I went to Adoration yesterday. Math is getting beefed up. Our reading in science and history is going well. JB did an experiment and recorded her observations. J is feeling bad and is in slow gear. My learning goal for the year is to retain what we study. We are a family of talkers so talking things through is often our method of review and synthesis. The new three-ring binders I bought for JB and J are helping us get more of our work in the notebooks. One of the joys of winter is that it is fun to get out the glue sticks and the construction paper and add color and design to any activity. Tomorrow, when we drive up to Cumming for Maggie's club meeting, I want to take JB and J's Faith and Life books and do the cover for J's new notebook. JB thought up the title, "Family Fun with Faith". Maggie is keeping her K-12 and Dr. Jay Wile company. She is on a math sabbatical. We are all jazzed up to create some bear books. With three family birthdays in Jan and Feb, as well as George W. and Abe L.,and a family interest in all the migrating birds we have seen this winter, we like B things: birthdays, birds and bears. We are helping to host a baby shower in February -- the love of babies is perennial...which makes me think of the movie that J and I downloaded for free off Netflix last nite: The Inn of the Sixth Happiness.

Just got back from music lessons and am off to try that healthy version of "country-fried" steak. Some southerners refer to it as "chicken-fried" steak, which is funny. Much more has gone on here in the last few days. It helps me so much to take a few minutes and count a few of the blessings we experience. I hope J gets well soon as we have various teas and parties we are getting together in the next few weeks. I did not mention the work the girls are putting in to the two plays our family is involved in: Alice in Wonderland and Tom Sawyer.

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