Wednesday, November 7, 2007

So much going on...

I just asked Jaybird to give me a title for this little reflection, and he said, "So much going on..." And, that is the truth. It is not busy-ness, however. Good stuff. Being with lots of people, living so much real-life learning, reading, cooking, playing, drawing, making new friends, visiting with old friends. A week from this coming Friday we will wrap up our fall TORCH coop session on the Environment. It has been a time of wonder and growth for all of us. I am low on being able to express the particulars right now, but high on gratitude for the blessings of this past month.

I love homeschooling and hope God gives me many more days of living in this way. It is such a fit for our family.

I'll close with a short prayer for my dear friend Mary-Gay who is laboring with her seventh child. St. Gerard, pray for her!

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