Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saints Against Totalitarianism

St. Margaret Clitherow and St. Edmund Campion are the perfect intercessors against such potential horrors as outlined in the following link about forced vaccines. My father-in-law has been a member of this physician's association for years and they are a voice of reason and good conscious that is currently lacking in the public sphere. Read and pray; pray hard that we do not go down this path in America:

I am trying to put a positive spin on this, and keep my blog as close to G-rated as I can, by drawing a parallel between these times and those times under Queen Elizabeth. She may have won the battle, but Campion and Clitherow won the war. Wondering what I am talking about?
Ignatius Press just put out a new edition of Evelyn Waugh's book on Campion, which is a tale all the more exciting because it is true. The best book on Margaret Clitherow that I have found is a slender tome by TAN publishers.

When I see pictures of Prince Charles embracing Islam, I feel a mixture of sadness and anger. Sad because he is a spiritually poor man, so world-weary and confused. Angry because I am stunned by his ignorance of the history of his country.

Sts. Margaret Clitherow and Edmund Campion, please pray for us! Pray for those ignorant of history. Pray for our media. Pray for our youth!

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