Monday, February 26, 2007

The Catholic Passion and Charlotte Mason

I am reading David Scott's wonderfully written book, The Catholic Passion. Also, I cannot get over how close the Protestant, British educator, Charlotte Mason, is to the thinking and writings of Pope John Paul II. I am really enjoying this book by Karen Andreola:

I wish I had learned the teaching technique of narrating years ago. I read Jay and Joy-Beth each a different tale from Aesop's Fables. Each then dictated to me. Each child told me the story in her/his own words, and I wrote it down. Jay was very proud of this, as was Joy-Beth. After I wrote Joy-Beth's narration down, she copied it. Her spoken grammar is well beyond her grade level, so this is a way to get that good grammar down in writing. As was recommended in the Andreola book above, I chose very short stories to begin with. It is very challenging for them to put the stories into their own words. Joy-Beth was so proud of her copywork because she dictated it. Months ago, my friend Lisa got me interested in this after I saw her daughter's nature and Bible notebooks, which were illustrated as well. We did not illustrate today's stories, but I hope they will do so in the future. I had a day of wonder and blessings. The weather here was heavenly!

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